At this moment, we must unite to cross the boundaries of denomination, race and faith. Led by the Holy Spirit, we must end mass incarceration in our lifetime.

Full-time Vocation President/Founder of Exodus

After seven years serving people who were homeless on the streets of D.C.
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Professor, Author

Professor McClenney holds a Ph.D in Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament Studies from Duke University and a B.B.A in Finance and M.Div. from Howard University.
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Prison Abolitionist

“Stop Mass Incarceration” The first educational congressional symposium in history to address ending mass incarceration, organized by Dr. McClenney and the team at Exodus

Why Let My People Go & I See You?

Nothing short of a massive Spirit led resistance governed by love to abolish prisons through massive clemency will satisfy Heaven.
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“Let My People Go” National Preaching Tour launched Juneteenth 2018.

From the President/Founder of Exodus and chief architect of the Time’s Up Let Me Go Campaign,
comes a national call for the release of prisoners from inhumane sentences and cages.
The only sane way forward is prison abolition and mental wellness treatment.
Think Netherlands. Think Restorative and Transformative Justice.

Dr. McClenney provides the body of Christ with marching orders for what God is calling and equipping us to do and a playlist of new developments in the struggle.

She retells the Exodus story in order to inspire the body of Christ to
unite and fight to end mass incarceration. As Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow has stated so well, “We cannot tinker with the criminal justice system.” Dr. McClenney agrees. What we need, Dr. McClenney says, is a massive human rights movement to completely dismantle the prison system as we know it and replace it with a Restorative Justice System.

To maximize a better understanding of the issues, be sure to invite Dr. McClenney to present a session on Mass Incarceration the day before the worship service or event. To find out more, click on the link below. Or, to have Dr. McClenney customize a session tailored to your needs, click on the link below.

Dr. Madeline McClenney Book

Church on Purpose:

Reinventing Discipleship, Community and Justice.

Today, we are in trouble as the Department of Justice finds ways to lock up more people of color. In the 2015 release, Church on Purpose: Reinventing Discipleship, Community and Justice, my chapter “Believers Unchained: Why Christians Must Abolish Prisons or Stop Preaching the Gospel” explains why the current state of jurisprudence is genocidal for people of color.  We must be let go.